Blue Card Hazard

Blue Card Hazard Zone Incident Command Standard

The entire Blue Card IC Training and Certification Program is based on the Textbook "Fire Command" written by Alan Brunacini. The 1st edition of Fire Command was released in 1985. It was updated with the 2nd edition in 2001. The 2nd edition curriculum package included a 9 part DVD series, an Instructor's Guide, a student workbook and the companion textbook Command Safety. Fire Command is recognized as one of the long standing, definitive works on local incident command across the globe.

The Hazard Zone Incident Command Standard was finalized in 2009 and was adopted by the IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress) Alternative Standards Council. The state of Minnesota was accredited by IFSAC to certify their IC's using the Type 4 & 5 IC Standard.

The Hazard Zone Incident Command Standard professional qualifications are a direct reflection of the IC's checklist in the back of each of the Fire Command 2nd Edition Command Function chapters. The IC's checklist for each command function outlines the cognitive and manipulative skills the IC needs to possess to successfully manage/fulfill/complete/perform that individual command function.

The IC checklist bullet points were broken out and covered in detail in the Command Safety textbook. Command Safety was also extensively used to author the on-line training program.

The Blue Card program is designed to produce safe and effective hazard zone operations. Because fire departments routinely operate at the scene of incidents with an IDLH atmosphere (immediately dangerous to life and health) it forces us to simultaneously manage incident command, strategy & tactics and firefighter safety.

The effect of the program is two-fold. First, it develops the personal skills in officers required to supervise and manage incident operations that occur in a hazard zone. The second and more powerful effect is the Blue Card program standardizes incident operations across the entire department. The Blue Card Program has standardized operations across different mutual aid boundaries, different battalions, shifts and stations of 100's of fire departments across the country.